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About Us

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Our Story

Sprinklez has always been about sprinklez love with like minded people. Our loyal team team of experience cultivators has always been there from the begin. We built up from scratch base on loyalty and now we giving all our loyal clients an amazing experience when it comes in getting the best cali exotic strains in the market.

Sprinklez brand is not just about a brand but a family being the main reason we still up and strong for we believe in trustworthiness and loyalty and we will always be united and keep growing for it is our main strength.

Sprinklez Delivery Straight To Your Door

Sprinklez delivery offers 2 to 3 days priority mail delivery once we get your order confirmed. All you need is to freely browse, select your favorite flavors check out and wait for us to confirm your order and get back to you with tracking number so you know the exact time you receiving your order

We Take Sustainability Seriously

Your satisfaction is our main priority that is why at sprinklez brand, all our customers always come first. We put you first and make sure you get the best experience with us so you can keep shopping securely without any inconvenience .

Supporting Local Products

Cali has always been know to get the best products in the market. We taking this legacy to a new level. We now offering our services world wide to keep spreading the love and  giving an amazing experience with sprinklez brand exotic. we now got new gumdropz exotics in the market to satisfy your niche .

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