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Updated: Apr 13, 2023

Sprinklez delivery is the official licensed California sprinklez cannabis delivery network we set up to get flowers delivered directly to all our clients straight to their doorstep without them facing difficulties to order sprinklez brand exotic cannabis strains online. We set up sprinklez delivery due to all the difficulties most of our clients face trying to get our top shelf indoor grown exotic flowers. We received a lot of complaints from them being overcharged by middlemen so we trying to regulate the prices so everyone can get our newly released indoor sprinklez brand strains at the best market prices.

sprinklez brand delivery

This doesn’t mean those who come in for wholesale won’t be able to survive when reselling our products because wholesale orders are made on appointment and can be pickup directly from our warehouse. Same as we can use our sprinkles delivery network to get your order delivered straight to your address. we often receive questions on how people can order sprinkles brand exotic

How to order with sprinklez delivery or How 1 can order sprinklez exotic

How to order with Sprinklez Delivery is like ordering from any online store you have always been ordering from. Our newly released gumdropz exotics and sprinklez brand merch are listed on our website where you can easily browse each category and put in your order without any inconvenience. Once your order is been place and you fill the necessary details with the need to get your order delivered, you are good to go. Our customer support team will get to you so we can confirm the order before we proceed with delivery

sprinklez delivery

Once we confirm order we proceed with packaging and delivery is sent out once we done. out of state shipment are been given tracking numbers so you can always track your order and know the exact time you will be receiving your sprinklez flower, merch or gumdropz exotics. check out newly released sprinklez brand strains

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