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Sprinklez Cherry Lemonade strain


Buy sprinklez Cherry lemonade strain with THC of 33.29% cross between (Cherry Pie OG × Jack The Ripper) she’s a sweet treat, exceptionally cold lovely thick buds, flavor profile that is out of this world with a unimaginable high. search for the award ” fruit juice” aggregates different varieties range from sweet cherry OG/lemon candy. Extremely impressive plant with practically no requirement for confine/lattice. Great cultivar for extricates and cultivators that affection solid terpene profiles. Aggregates: Tall plants that require garnish and preparing yet the stems support the blossom well without any problem. Solid Cherry and natural product scents and weighty sap creation great for removes. Level: Medium to Tall 2x Yield: Medium thick buds of extremely resinous and tacky blossoms Indoor/Outdoor: Does well Indoors and Out Best method for developing: Top the plants no less than two times to shape a more limited tree this plant is exceptionally enthusiastic, Harvest Window: 56-63 Days Sativa/Indica: 40/60 Hybrid: Granddaddy Purple X Durban Poison X Jacks Cleaner f1 X Space Queen High sort: exciting, stony/unwinding/help with



Sprinklez Cherry Lemonade

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